Saturday, September 3, 2011

I actually do need more hangers

I am still trying to get into a posting rhythm being new to the blogging world. It has been a crazy week - starting back up working at our school newspaper, living on friends' couches, moving in, and the general welcome week madness. I moved into my house for the school-year yesterday. Although I love my room, it is lacking one important essential item - a closet! I did not spend the day mourning being closet-less as would think any fashionista would, but embraced the challenge. I already had a room divider that bought while living in New York City this summer, all I really needed was to buy a hanging rack. My clothes may be less hidden in my room, but hey, I love my clothes so why not put them on display. However, I did underestimate the size of my dresser and will be needing some more hangers!

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