Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shop Local

The State of the Union Address has got my mind on the economy. Last week, I walked by one of my favorite boutiques in Ann Arbor, Allure, and noticed the whole store was 50% off! Although, I was immediately excited, I also guessed that with such a huge sale that they could be going out of business. As I was checking out today, curiosity got the best of me. I asked if Allure was going out of business and it looks like it probably will be. It's not official, but the lease on the store is up in April and as of right now they will not be renewing. This will be the second boutique Liberty St. has lost this year (Poshh went out of business this Fall)! SO shop there while you still can! I did, here's the loot :) And yes, it was ALL 50% off!

Two great going out tops and a classy belt! I LOVE the beaded fringe pieces on the teal tank.

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