Monday, April 30, 2012

Tank Top Project

I have cut up numerous old t-shirts for things like football games, spirit weeks, and just for fun. I usually wear my funky creation once and never put it on again. Remember when slitting the sides of t-shirts and then knotting them back together was cool? I don't think I will be wearing those anytime soon.

While going through my closet back (and getting rid of half its contents), I decided to turn some of my old t-shirts into more wearable workout tank tops. A video on Pinterest was my inspiration. Here's how to make your own:
Cut the sleeves off following the curve of the seam. Next cut the stitching off the bottom (you'll need this piece later on).

Cut a larger circle around the neck. Then, cut the racer-back a little deeper just in the back. Once you cut off more on one side, use the flap of fabric to duplicate what you took off.

Cut a deep "V" down the back of the shirt.

Take the bottom of the shirt and cut the loop. Tie it in a double knot around the back straps, a few inches below the top of the shoulders.
Wrap the piece around more of the straps to create the racer-back look. Secure with another double knot at the base and cut off any excess. You can make further edits by creating lower necklines or playing with the hem of the t-shirt.

Another finished product!

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