Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boston- 1 month later

I have lived in the Boston area for exactly a month, today. Here is what I have learned about Mass/Boston (some style/fashion oriented, but most not).

1. Preppy style is king (therefore, I fit in pretty well here).
2.  The Cape is the place to be during the summer.
3. It is against the law to sell alcohol in grocery stores (even beer and wine!) - so inconvenient. 
4. Driving- I have a lot of musings about Mass driving, here are a few: roads bounce from having 1-2 lanes without warning or white lines, MA roads amazingly are worse than Michigan's and the speed limits are a lot lower! End rant.
5. There is a ton of young people here and plenty of things to do.
6. "Wicked" is acceptable to use in any and every sentence.
7. I can properly pronounce about 25% of Boston suburbs' names.
8. Every girl owns Alex and Ani bracelets.
Alex and Ani Bangle $28

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