Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Accessories + Visual Stimulation Overload

I can not currently write a post on what I want of current fall fashion because it overwhelms me. There is just too much to look at - kind of like the walls that were supposed to be painted in my new apartment before we moved in....

Except I enjoy looking at fall fashion and not the walls in the apartment. Anyways, that is a whole another very long story.

Here are my top picks and what I want as far as fall accessories go. With these statement accessories you won't even need to buy new clothes!

1. The Collar: This will be huge this season. Many shirts are being made with embellished collars, but stores are also selling necklace-like collars. Collars are very trendy and something you would not see anyone wearing a year ago.
H&M Collar $24.50

2. Timeless Scarf:Why not splurge on scarf you can wear forever?? Think a medium weight in neutral colors. You'll pay an extra penny for high-end designer brands, but it will be worth it in the long run. I found this Missoni scarf on Bluefly for about a $100. I am kind of in love and should probably just buy it before it's gone.

Moschino Love $420
3. Riding Boots! Wear on the weekends, to work, and I suppose the stables?
Laughhead- reduced to $85
Tory Burch $495

More fall fashion to come - NYC Fashion week is here!

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