Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funky French

I have been sooo bad at blogging lately. I had some outfits that I fully intended on documenting, but alas it just did not happen. I blame the end of semester craziness, the on-going job search, and the start of the holiday season.

Although I probably should be studying or something like that, I instead decided to paint my nails. Lately, there has been so much cool nail art posted on the web (Refinery29 has some of the best). Usually I try some cool design and either mess it up or decide it looks too ridiculous on my nails. Today, I did a french manicure, but use glittery silver nail polish instead of white tips and I actually like how it turned out!

I will probably not be blogging much until after finals, but then again I could blog more out of procrastination. :)

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