Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A review of a college girl's wardrobe staple

The legging/yoga pant. When wearing it you can actually look like you are going to yoga, they can be sufficiently dressed up for a night-out, or can work for everyday, to-class-wear. Also, I am pretty sure yoga pants are not as accepted in the real world so I am going to wear them while I can.

Over the past five years or so I have owned numerous pairs of leggings/yoga pants - some definitely have lasted better than others.  It seems odd to think of them as an investment piece, but if you are a college freshman right now, trust me, they are! So here are the leggings I have owned and the ratings I give them:

Hardtail Forever Yoga Pants
  • American Apparel (Cotton regular):These are great basic and versatile leggings. They work for every possible scenario except formal events. I bought two pairs my freshman year and am about to retire them. They last awhile, but now are faded and stretched out.  Verdict: B+
  • American Apparel (Winter weight): They are called "Winter" for a reason. They are considerably heavier and great to wear to class during the cold months. They do not work as work out pants (way too hot). I have had them for a year and my pair has not faded or lost elasticity.  Verdict: A
  • Hardtail Forever: I have two pairs of their flared, tie-died fold-over, stretch, pants. Each one gets a weekly wear and are best for causal/sporty dress or the gym. They are super long or maybe it's just my 5'1 frame, but I had to have several inches hemmed off. My older pair (2 years old) has started to fade. Verdict: A
  • Forever 21: They are really cheap and you get what you pay for. The leggings are kind of sheer and may work better as tights than actual leggings.  Verdict: C
  • Aerie: I purchased a pair of leggings for approximately $20 so fairly inexpensive. I was pretty excited about the purchase and wore them the next day. They are black leggings with a fold-over top. However, after two wears they have started to fade and pill - super annoying.  Verdict: C-
  • BCBG: I got thick, ribbed, leggings from BCBG at an after Christmas sale last year. I bought them for about $45 and they were originally over $100 if I recall correctly. They didn't have my size so I decided to squeeze into one size smaller, although very form-fitting, I really like this more dressy legging. This legging is not for the gym and I almost wear it strictly going-out at night. Only downside- dry clean only! Verdict: A
  • The North Face: Their yoga pant is good for hiking, lounging around, and basically what you would expect from The North Face brand. One of the issues that I have with the two pairs I own is that they faded quickly. Verdict: B
 I plan on soon acquiring Lululemon yoga pants, which I am very much looking forward to and have faith that they will get a good rating. 

What is your favorite brand of legging and/or yoga pant?


  1. 1. I can't believe the array of yoga pants that you own, very impressive.
    2. How do you not have Victoria Secret on here?! I'm a fan of their yoga pants.


  2. Oh now that you mention it, I do have a pair of cropped Victoria Secret yoga pants! And I have absolutely no idea where they are...I will have to search my house for them over break.